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Regarded as the Biblical 'Holy Land' by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, Israel and its territory is steeped in history that dates all the way back to the Israelite kingdoms during the Iron Age. From the ancient pathways and hallowed walls of the Holy City of Jerusalem to the cosmopolitan clubs, burgeoning culinary scene, and breathtaking beaches of sunny Tel Aviv — Israel is full of passion, tradition, and new horizons to be discovered. Even if its religious significance cannot be understated, modern-day Israel certainly has a lot more to offer to intrepid travelers.

Customized Vacations

Our Recommended Vacations demonstrate how Avanti enables you to seamlessly connect the dots across the Middle East. Fully customizable, you have access to multiple vacation options. Visit the plethora of religious sites that are scattered across Jerusalem. Marvel at the stark beauty of Tel Aviv's Bauhaus architecture. Visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. It's all up to you! Click the button to check out more Recommended Vacations for Israel.


Discover Israel:

Tel Aviv, Tiberias, Dead Sea & Jerusalem

10 Days/9 Nights

Discover Israel from its mountains to the desert, visiting natural wonders like Masada National Park and the Dead Sea. Historic cities Tel Aviv and Jerusalem bookend this exciting itinerary, with private tours in each, tracing Israel's history from its biblical roots to the formation of the Jewish state. In Galilee and its surrounding areas, take part in unique experiences like a goat cheese making workshop and an olive oil mill tour. Connect with nature, taking in sweeping views along the Mediterranean Coast and enjoying a hiking trip along Israel's most scenic route.


2 Nights Tel Aviv | 2 Nights Tiberias | 1 Night Dead Sea | 4 Nights Jerusalem


Private Transfers Throughout | Private Tel Aviv Highlights Tour | Private Mediterranean Coast Tour with Druze Lunch | Private Taste of Upper Galilee Tour | Private Biblical Landscapes of the Jordan Valley Tour with Kasser El Yahud | Private Negev Desert Tour with Lunch | Private Old City Jerusalem & Bethlehem Tour | Private Birth of the Jewish State & Modern Jerusalem Tour | Private Beyond Jerusalem & Hiking Along 395 Tour | Daily Breakfast


Highlights of Israel:

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

7 Days/6 Nights

From the glitzy and glamorous Bauhaus skyline of Tel Aviv to the narrow alleys and hallowed halls of Jerusalem and to the country's most treasured archaeological sites, see all of the highlights of Israel on this succinct itinerary! Start in Tel Aviv, relaxing on its picture-perfect beaches, exploring its vibrant markets, and perhaps reveling in its famous nightlife. Embark on an immersive walking tour of Jerusalem's Old City, discovering the city's most significant landmarks and learning about the people who call the city home. Finally, bob like a cork in the rejuvenating waters of the Dead Sea, uncover the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves of Qumran, and travel to a mountaintop fortress built by Herod the Great for unforgettable views to cap off the trip.


2 Nights Tel Aviv | 4 Nights Jerusalem


Private Transportation Throughout | Private Tel Aviv Highlights Tour | Private Jerusalem Old City & Bethlehem Tour | Private Wonders of Masada, Qumran & the Dead Sea from Jerusalem | Daily Breakfast


Israel Short & Sweet:

Jerusalem, Tiberias & Tel Aviv

6 Days/5 Nights

Throw yourself into the best of Israel during a short and sweet itinerary that highlights not only the top cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but other can't-miss areas. Spend a night in Tiberias exploring the area around the Sea of Galilee, tracing the early reaches of Christianity from before Jesus' birth to his early years of teaching in Nazareth, Capernaum, and the Mount of Beatitudes. Then, enjoy a tour along the Mediterranean Coast where you'll learn the Crusader history of Acre, experience Israel's third-largest city, Haifa, and marvel at the Roman treasure of Caesarea.


2 Nights Jerusalem | 1 Night Tiberias | 2 Nights Tel Aviv


Private Arrival Transfer | Private Mt Zion & Jerusalem Old City Tour | Private Nazareth & the Sea of Galilee Tour | Private Mediterranean Coast Tour | Private Tel Aviv Highlights Tour | Private Departure Transfer | Daily Breakfast


Israel Handpicked Hotels

Recommended hotels, resorts, and more; personally inspected and selected by Avanti's travel professionals. Choose from a range of superb accommodations like the chic Bezalel Hotel in Jerusalem to the luxurious resort properties at the Dead Sea. Explore your Agent Portal for options.


Israel Tours & Experiences

Avanti strives to provide authentic and personalized experiences that include city tours, cooking classes, local family dinners, and more. From a comprehensive tour of Jerusalem's holy sites to exquisite wine experiences on the southern slopes of Mount Carmel, there's plenty of amazing offerings. Check out your Agent Portal for options.